We have developed our working method to make our clients feel comfortable during all phases of their project.

Agile methodology

We enjoy Agile methodology

We definitely like Agile methodologies. We love collaborating with the client. For us it is very important to make periodic functional deliveries so that the client gets results as soon as possible and allows them to validate and improve their product / project.

Clean code

Code Standards & clean code

Simple, maintainable. Enjoy the code

We want our projects to be perfectly understandable by any team, even by ourselves ;), so that we can evolve the project in a robust and sustainable way. It is very easy, following some simple rules and using the right tools, you can develop quality code.

Unclean, unclear code makes it difficult to provide further improvements or implement fixes by other codes without a system that establishes definitive standards.

Tests & Automation

Deployment on Fridays

Offering a quality product is our main objective. We want to be sure that we can add features or modify them and that everything continues to work properly. We know we break things, but when we do, we want them to be small and we want to find out before anyone else does, so testing is a key part of our development. And of course we want to automate all these processes and the deployment ones, we want to be sure that we can launch a feature even on Fridays!



Documentation, but not too much

Following development standards, code quality rules, testing, automating all possible processes... is the best documentation.

But it is also necessary to have some documentation to understand the project and of course a detailed documentation of the project APIs, for which we use Swagger

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